There are two major categories of Hostels that is; On and Off campus Hostels.
On campus hostels are within the campus and Off campus hostels are outside the campus. Rooms available are Standard

On-campus hostels have been reserved for girls only and the rooms available are for 4, 6 and 8 students (Standard).

Off- campus hostels are for both girls and boys and they offer rooms for 1, 2, and 4 students. The university collaborates with private stakeholders to run off-campus hostels under special agreement following conditions like provision of security to our students, standard facility, reliable electricity and water supply, high level of hygiene, discipline and abiding to university rules and regulations.

Application procedure

Following this trend, students are advised to make bookings before the opening date by filling hostel application forms at the college or send the application details to before the opening date (View opening date). Alternatively students may apply directly at the college through students Affairs office.

Reservation for up-coming semester
Continuing students are advised to communicate with the matron or patron to make reservation of rooms for the forth coming semester once the semester ends before leaving for holiday. It might require a student to register in a special registration form or booking form, pay a deposit or even pay for a full year depending on individual?s ability so as to secure their rooms. Wish you the best stay and study at P.I.H.A.S