The Peramiho Institute of Health and Allied Sciences is an institute that harnesses the spirit of the Catholic Church to deliver holistic education and training that transforms lives of individuals and their communities. PIHAS is firmly committed to provide students with a high-quality education and training and a transformative student experience. With curricula that encourage and promote lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity, academic programs at PIHAS are sharply focused on outcomes, ensuring students acquire the necessary competencies attuned to the needs and opportunities of today’s market. With highly engaged lecturers, tutors and instructors, comprehensive academic offerings, research opportunities and a commitment to service and community engagement, PIHAS ensures that students are offered an educational experience that is both accessible and affordable. Located in the southern part of the country with largely marginalized communities, PIHAS provides education and training that is inline with the vision of the Catholic Church of Tanzania to bring technical and higher education services closer to the people especially those in the marginalized areas. From Clinical Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences to other allied health sciences, PIHAS is home to a revolutionary spirit that pushes all of us forward. At PIHAS, that same collaborative, hardworking, entrepreneurial and God-fearing spirit fuel our institute, and we harness it to provide our students with best education.