PRINCIPAL – Welcome Message

Welcome to Peramiho Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (PIHAS). We are delighted that you are visiting us through this website.

Although this Catholic institute has a very short history, it has grown into a dynamic health institute enjoying social support and good reputation for its significant contribution to the local community. Its rapid growth, pragmatism and efficient use of resources distinguish us from other health training colleges.

Our institute is committed to the role of dissemination of knowledge and production of qualified disciplined health professionals. It strives to cultivate capable and innovative young minds and to serve individual, national and international needs.

The Institute intends to be student-oriented in that students may explore their interests and capabilities and develop their full intellectual and human potential. It aims to nurture human dignity, social and spiritual morals and academic innovation through well-coordinated multidisciplinary efforts while committing ourselves to contributing to the needs of our changing and needy community.

Our Ultimate goal is to transform our Institution into the best centre of excellence in medical and health sciences, biomedical research in health through dedicated skilled and innovative minds of our staff and students.

We welcome you to visit our website where we hope you will find a wealth of information about PIHAS and our aspirations to produce outstanding health professionals who will make greater contributions to the well-being of our nation.