Student Ogranization

Is an independent and self Governing, Non organization, Non Governmental, Non profit making Non Religious as well as Non political, That Govern and represents students Affairs.ThereforeAn organization is rulled by students’ themselveswith high degree of Autonomy.
An organization is mainly established purposely to protect, promote, perpetuate rights and interests of students in all aspects of their lives during the tenure of their studies at the institute, the voice of students in all spheres, also improving cordial relations between the PIHASO students, the institute community, and higher learning institutions and Universities.
Every student who is registered at the institute is automatically a member of an Organization but when fails following students by laws and other rules and regulations, poorly academic perfomance or discontinuation as well as finishing studies is automaticalyno longer a member of students Government PIHASO.
An Organization is given Advisory and guidance services from the management through DEAN OF STUDENTS (DOS), the institute management can intervene only when it sees there is a situation which is endangering piece, security, integrity, Academic matters and harmony at institute.