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Research is one of the core functions of PIHAS with the aim of generating and advancing knowledge. In line with this, the Constitution of PIHAS requires the institution to provide a place for the pursuit of original research and scholarship, creativity innovation and advancement of medical sciences and services through the integration of research, teaching and consultancy. PIHAS requires all faculty members and students to undertake research activities as part of their professional career and training. The Institute has adopted publication of research work in peer-reviewed journals as one of the criteria for promotion of its academic staff. The Institute established a Research, Publications and Consultancy Unit. The Unit is charged with the responsibility of promoting, coordinating and monitoring research. The unit is coordinated by the Head of Research, Publications and Consultancy Services who is assisted by members from all departments of the Institute. The research policy of the Institute targets major health issues including Malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, other communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health, and health systems research. In line with the National Health Policy and the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) Health Policy, the PIHAS Health Research Policy has the following objectives:

  • To increase the productivity of quality health research and publications
  • To create an enabling environment for health research
  • To strengthen administration and coordination of health research at the Institute
  • To stimulate a health research and publications culture
  • To improve funding for health research and innovations
  • To strengthen collaborative health research at the Institute and with other scientists outside the Institute
  • To establish mechanisms for taking stalk of the research activities and their outcomes
  • To develop surveillance mechanisms to anticipate the needs for health research
  • To strengthen multi‐disciplinary health research
  • To define health research priorities

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